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I would like to share that my special needs daughter absolutely loves Hip-Hop class directed by Dj. Melodee always comes home exhausted by a wonderful workout from class. She has shown patience with Melodee when needed but still expects excellence from her. I would recommend this class for anybody regardless of abilities for she accepts and encourages all classmates.


Bob Blackwell

I never dreamed that two years ago when Brandon started taking Hip-Hop class with you that it would have led to anything more than just a one-time class. I could have never been more wrong. Your inspiration and encouragement has led him to discover his love for dance. He now dreams of being a professional dancer one day.

You have not only been there for my son in supporting his passion, but you have been an inspiration and role model to him as well. You have helped him through difficult times, more than I will probably ever know. He has the utmost respect for you, as do I. 

You have not only helped my son, but my  daughter as well. When her spirit and love for dance had been thoroughly crushed, words from your personal experience gave her the strength and courage to continue. Your caring and tender heart was the only thing that brought a smile back to her face.

As a parent, I want only what is best for my children. There was time when I was not able to see past my own emotions, and those of my family's, to see the larger picture. You have gone beyond that of merely an instructor to my children , and have been kind to share your words of wisdom with me. You have helped me to understand the personal, professional and business sides of the dance world. When a situation looks grim, you are able to see the positive outcome and communicate that well to others. I am new to the dance world and inexperienced with different studios and instructors. You have spoken very highly of my children's teachers , which also speaks highly of your own character.

Being a professional instructor , you have the knowledge and sensitivity to influence many impressionable children and young adults. As a parent of two teenagers you have touched deeply, I am eternally grateful. I am convinced that wherever the dance world takes my children, you have had a large part in their success.


Traci Bolte

Newberg, Oregon

I totally enjoy taking Dj's Hip-Hop class Monday nights at Matt Dishman Community Center. I love it for so many reasons, but the number one reason is because Dj loves to dance and it shows in her teaching. Not only is she patient with us, she has a way of making the steps that seem incredibly complicated simple for even the most advanced to the most inexperienced Hip-Hop dancer. Whether it's using sound effects or relating dances to cartoon characters her teaching style is flexible enough so that everyone in class can pick up the moves. She never rushes us through a routine but gives us ample time to learn it and enjoy it. 


I also like that Dj mixes all her styles of dance including hip-hop, tap and hula, so the routines are never stale or boring. I would say I am a good dancer but her routines always challenge me in such a good way.  I know that I am always going to leave her class feeling like I've improved as a dancer  and that I've worked every muscle in my body.

And I'm sure, I can speak for most of the people in class, we have so much fun!! We are constantly laughing at Dj, or our selves and that 's the kind of class it is, one that is conducive to laughter, fun and dance!!!

When the term is over I'm always trying to find out when the next class starts because not only have I fallen in love with the class, but also Dj, for the reason that she is such a magnetic person that makes everyone feel important. She has dance running through her veins and a personality that makes everyone want to dance too. Her class has got to be the best Hip-Hop class I've ever taken.


Amber Starks

Conscious Coils


Portland, Oregon

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